Recover less? Pay less.
Shift the way you spend to protect data. Why pay for what you don’t recover?

The time has come for a new, fairer innovative approach to backup and recovery pricing.

Data growth is outpacing the decline in backup prices. As a result backup and recovery software is becoming increasingly expensive. Today, backup and recovery pricing is based on backup capacity, and at Asigra we don’t think this is fair.

Our industry has been focused on the wrong thing. The fact is organizations do backup so they can recover when they need to. It’s all about the recovery. This is why we think it’s unfair that current industry pricing models charge organizations for recovering 100% of their data, regardless of how much recovery they actually use.

It’s time for a fair pricing model - one that reflects the true business value and is based on performance. The Asigra Recovery License Model® will immediately provide businesses with significant cost savings.


Cost Savings

With the patent pending Asigra Recovery License Model businesses:

  • now pay two separate license costs - one for backup and one for recovery.
  • the licenses are purchased together.
  • backup costs are based on capacity, and they are always constant on a per GB basis - this is a fixed cost.
  • recovery costs are based on how much recovery you actually do, which is reflected in a Performance Score.

The Asigra Recovery License Model will immediately provide businesses with significant cost savings of 40% and approx. 60 - 70% over time as a result of separating backup and recovery license costs.